Orly GelFx Perfect Fit Forms - 300 Forms

Orly GelFx Perfect Fit Forms - 300 Forms

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ORLY GELFX Perfect Fit Forms are the much needed upgrade to your standard nail forms in-a-roll, designed to support the ease of application. ORLY GELFX Perfect Fit Forms hug the nail for a perfect application every time. The competition-style forms allow you to customize your clients nails to their desired length. Whether they want long extravagant nails, or a more natural length, anything is possible with the Perfect Fit Forms.

The Perfect Fit Forms have a rounded shape under the free edge and square sides that allow for precision application, while the proper amount of adhesive helps prevent the forms from popping open, eliminating the need to adjust or reposition during services.

Unlike existing forms in the market, weve used the roll to our advantage by printing and positioning our Perfect Fit Forms so that when dispensed, they adapt to the natural curvature of the finger without excesses shaping.

Packaged in a dispensing box so youll always have the perfect forms at your fingertips the Perfect Fit Nail Forms are compact and fit perfectly on any nail tech station.