Ez Flow TruGel LED/UV Gel Polish - 14 mL (Star Spangled - EZTG42442)

  • $8.20
  • Save $11.79

  • Long wearing
  • Protective
  • Soaks off easily

Color:EZ42442 - Star Spangled The latest innovation from EZ Flow has salons

all a flutter. It's a 100% gel that delivers mega shine and long lasting

color. It brushes on like polish for quick application and is formulated to

cure under both led and UV light. Soaks off easily in 10 minutes with acetone,

no drilling or filing. It's protective gel formula leaves nails healthier and

stronger. Star Spangled is a dark rich blue that will really make your nails

stand out with a touch of glitter that will sparkle brilliantly and make you

proud of your nails.